The Pokemon Journey
o hay, welcome to The Pokemon Journey

I began this idea on Facebook I think..6 or 7 months ago, where I’d post my own personal Pokemon Journey through the world of Pokemon, visiting all the regions, gyms, leagues, etc, chronicling the events as I go. I only got a few posts in before I started to forget to post, and eventually stopped posting, partially due to forgetfulness, and part to creative block from not writing for years. 

I refused to use Tumblr for the longest time, as I viewed this site when I first saw it as 4chan’s backwash. But now I’m accepting of it, moreso because a lot of people use it, and its more than the initial view I had of it. That, and on Facebook, I only have 500 people to see it, and even less who probably read it. Here, I have friends who can share it, and expose it to the world. I’m excited to see where it goes!