The Pokemon Journey

May 29

Sup guys

So next week, I’ll start up again. I’m feeling good enough to be creative, so that’s a start. 

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May 15


You weren’t just my grandpa, but my dad. I’ll miss you terribly. 

updates are suspended until I don’t feel like shit anymore

May 11


I’m sorry I haven’t posted hardly at all, family emergency and all that, with a slice of life being shoved in my face. Its been fairly rough, and I’ve lost a lot of creative drive right now. For now, I’m putting this on hiatus till I recover from the stress and shock. 

I’m sorry to keep being such a bother and failing to post regularly. Don’t worry, I wont turn into Scott Ramsoomair, or at least try not to. We’ll return to our adventures hopefully soon. Thank you for being so patient, the few of you here right now.

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May 01

And so we travel.

I woke up a bit exhausted, having so much trouble sleeping last night. But I decided that irregardless of being tired, I had to get going. I sat up in bed, and wondered when the next time I’d get to sleep in it would be. My thoughts were disturbed by my mother yelling downstairs. 

"SHITSHITSHIT, HELP!" It was my mother, and in a mad panic, I jumped out of bed and made a mad dash down the stairs. The stove was on fire, and my mother’s Vulpix had lit a stack of newspaper on fire. I sighed, as I grabbed a pot of water and dumped it on the fire. 

"Mother, how many times has this happened now?"

"Good question, I’m not sure at this point."

"Its things like this that make me worry about leaving you alone. I’m almost afraid that I wont have a house to come back to."

"Oh sweetheart, you worry too much. I know how to take care of myself!"

"Mother, last week you went to the store to get milk, and came home with a Miltank."

My mother looked at me with a look of disapproval for a moment, then sighed.

"It saves money in the long run. Now go get dressed, today is a big day for you. I got you a nice surprise too!" She held up a box, and shook it a little bit. I shook my head and went upstairs, got dressed and packed my bag with a couple extra pairs of clothing. As I was zipping up my backpack, I looked up and turned my attention to a picture on my dresser. 

It was a photo of me, my mother, my father, and my best friend, Sarah. It was taken a few years back, before Sarah moved to the Johto region with her family. I haven’t spoke to her since, and I suddenly found myself nervous. How long will I be gone for? Will my mother really be alright without me? Am I actually cut out for this? I started doubting myself and my capabilities when my Ratata came up and nuzzled my leg. I looked down at him, and he looked up at me, and coo’d lovingly. I smiled, and felt a sudden warm feeling, and an overwhelming stench. 

"Oh good lord, what…is.." I stopped, as I realized Ratata had relieved himself over my leg. Rat bastard. I refrained from throwing him out the window, and just drew him back into his ball, and stuffed it into the bottom of my backpack. I changed my pants, and realized there was still the stench of piss on me. I sighed and hoped it would just vent itself out as the day went on. I couldn’t delay my journey anymore, and I went downstairs, where my mother was still waiting for me. 

"Oh, you look so handsome. My son, all grown up and ready to start his journey. You should shower before-"

"No. What’s in the box?" 

"Oh, right, here you go!" She said excitedly as she handed me the box. I smiled as I opened the box, to find a pair of shoes in there. 

"Awesome, new shoes! Mine were getting pretty run down." 

"Not just any kind of shoes, but running shoes! Now you can run!" She said.

I looked at her funny. 

"Mom, why would I need running shoes to run?"

"No idea."

I sighed, and put them on. They were white, with a red stripe running along the shoe. I didn’t feel any different, but I figured it was a marketing ploy or something. My mother isn’t the brightest in the world, but at least she means well. I gave her a kiss and hug, and walked out the door. I took a deep breath, and headed towards route one, the path that would take me towards Viridian City. 

Apr 30

I give you a very gorgeous Catherine. Resuming posts tomorrow. c:

I give you a very gorgeous Catherine. Resuming posts tomorrow. c:

Apr 27


I kinda lied. I ended up getting stupid sick for a few days, and I recouped just before Anime Central in Chicago this weekend(I’m not sure I’m 100% yet, but eh). I’ll upload a really neat picture when I get back and pick back up Monday. 

Sorry for being a tool. :c

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Apr 22


I was doing a DJ gig last night, so I didn’t get a chance to post. I’ll get a post up tonight.

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Apr 21

Its late.

I can’t sleep. I let the rat out, and he just kind of sat there, gnawing at the ball. Its late. 

I can smell Oak from here

Apr 20

My first Pokemon..

I arrived this morning at Oak’s lab. Afternoon, actually. Staying up late last night screwed me over this morning. Nobody woke me up, and I forgot to set my alarm. I dressed myself and ran as fast as I could to the lab, in hopes I wasn’t too late. My worries became fears as I reached the lab 15 minutes later, out of breath and nobody in sight. 

I opened the door, and one of Oak’s assistants greeted me.

"Hey there, welcome to-"

"SHUTUPWHERE’SOAK" I pieced together, barely. 

"Are you alright? You look a bit tir-"


I decided to sit down for a little bit to catch my breath, finding myself starting to get unbelievably mad at the assistant for my own blunder. After 5 minutes and a glass of water, I was ready to talk.

"Okay, I’m good. Where’s the Professer?"

"He’s in the back, but-"

"OKAYTHANKS" I yelled as I ran past him. Navigating to the back of the lab through the seemingly endless maze of tables covered in papers and computers, and the occasional bookshelves, I made it to the back of the lab, where I saw the table. That glorious table that holds your Pokemon.


"What the fuck is this?" I exclamed. Then I smelt the most horrific smell in my life. I felt like I wanted to vomit. I suddenly panicked, again, thinking this is what the aid was wanting to tell me. They must be working on some sort of new research, and I walked right into the middle of an un-perfected product. A new type of repel? Concentrated Koffing gas? I felt like I was going to die.

Then I heard a toilet flush. The door labled ‘W.C’ opens up, and out steps Professor Oak.

"What a doozie. I need to stop eating Magikarp flakes. OH, hello there! A bit late, aren’t you?

"What in the green hell is that smell?" I asked, disgustedly.

"Well, look where I came from. What do you think it is?"

"IT WAS RHETORICAL.  Sorry, excuse my attitude, I just only woke up. My name is Zach, and I’m here to receive a Pokemon and start my journey to be a master!" 

"A bit late on that front, aren’t you?" Oak asked.

"Smartass. Can I just get a Charmander and go? I’m starving."

Oak sighed as he turned and walked to his computer, and typed in something. 

"You know, if you act like that, you’ll never develop a strong bond with your Pokemon. You must remember, they’re your friends, and as such you-"


There was an awkward pause between me and Oak, for a brief moment, I’m almost sure he was trying to restrain from bitch slapping me.

”..And as such, you need to restrain your attitude. Now, as you’re late, and missed your chance, you shouldn’t get squat. But as I don’t want to deal with you this afternoon, I’ll let you pick from who I have left.” Oak said.

He was looking at me with a bit of a snide look, as he pushed his finger down onto a green button. There were three slots on the table, round shaped, and through them came three Pokeballs.

"Now then, choose one of the three Pokemon here on the table, and you can-"

"FARLEFTISCHARMANDER" I yelled as I grabbed the ball, and threw it to release my Pokemon in excitement. The light from the ball seemed to fill the room as it opened, to reveal my partner through the journey.

"Professor Oak?"

"Yes, Zach?"

"THE FUCK IS THIS?" I yelled, as what came out of the ball wasn’t a Charmander, like I expected, but a Ratata. 

"Well, if you had let me finish, I could have told you what the other two were, so you could have made a better choice. But in your excitement, you ignored me, so now you’re stuck. Enjoy!"

" am I supposed to get anywhere with just this?" 

"Now don’t say that. Don’t look at this like its a punishment!" Oak said, seeming to stifle his laughter. "Look at this as an opportunity to better yourself! You have to start off harder than other trainers, so you’ll get a much more fulfilling experience!"

”..But..” I felt like I wanted to cry. Then an idea. “Can I light it on fire? It could be a fire rat instead.”

"Ehno, don’t." Oak’s stomach grumbled loudly. "AND with that, I must go. Good luck and all that!" He ran back into the bathroom, and slammed the door.

I’m now stuck with a rat for a starter. My day is going great already. I think I’m just going to stay at home today, and start my adventure tomorrow, when I have a bit more of a clear head. 


I bought this Journal from the Pokemart to document the start of my adventure tomorrow, when I get my first Pokemon. I’m really excited to pick my partner! Ever since Red, Professor Oak has been busy helping new trainers get their start. Pallet Town has really became lively since those 4 years ago.

Some people say I’m a bit old to start a journey, but why do I need to be a little kid to do that? I mean, sure, half the kids who go out are 12, and I’m like 16, but I’m not too old. I’ll show them. I’ll be just like Red, and I’ll be the greatest Pokemon trainer, even better than Red. For now, sleep. I got to be up early to get there in time to be able to get a Pokemon. I’m thinking Charmander. 

Fire breathing lizards are fucking cool.